lezbiwankyy asked:

I just wanna say thank you for introducing me to some really awesome music😄😄😄

Miss Mistaken Answer:

You’re welcome!

Under the Table


It already started
I tried to stop it but I already know
You are something I should do without
But I won’t
I’m under the table
Just keep wishing I’ll come out but I don’t
You are something I should do without
But I won’t

Please tell me that this could be easy
I’m tired of waiting for permission to love
Heartbreak is your game, but I’m learning
My heart could be yours, won’t you make it your home

I’m already falling
I couldn’t help it, didn’t think of the risk
I got a problem, problem when I look in your eyes
You’re mine and you know it
I’d still do it even if we were cursed
Won’t you be my problem, it’s okay with me if it hurts

It feels so amazing when the person who sees you naked tells you that they love a part of your body that they don’t even know is one of your biggest insecurities. 


I’m actually so excited for Toronto tonight. Dancing all night with a girl who easily keeps up, and it’s the birthday of one of the girls we are going with and she’s fucking amazing. I hope that my hair and makeup goes well, and that I feel fierce in my outfit and that the night meets my expectations! 


Anonymous asked:

Who old are you?

Miss Mistaken Answer:

I be 20.

What’s the best way to negotiate sexy time when you are sharing a hotel room with another couple?